Family Health Nurse Practitioner of Rochester offers a personalized and integrative approach to your healthcare. Our purpose is to support and promote quality life by giving every patient a tailored and customized plan specific for them. We believe that every patient should be given the opportunity to optimize their health.

"Scarlette and Dan are the dynamic duo!! Scarlette does such an amazing job with tox. She is easy to work with and very detail oriented. I can’t believe I saw results within 3 days. Dan has helped me significantly with weight loss. I have been struggling over 5 years with PCOS and hormone imbalances. These two are the answers to my prayers! I’m down 40lbs and have a wrinkle free forehead. Thank you" - Stephanie, Rochester NY.   View our testimonials

FHNP SERVICES We offer a holistic and whole-person approach to all of our services with the intention of helping you improve your overall well being.



Adequately treating low testosterone has been shown to improve musculoskeletal composition, enhance brain function and cognition, reduce inflammation, and lower the risk of heart disease.


Weight Loss

Customized plans to assist you in your weight loss journey



Wrinkle Free Treatments (Toxin)

Jeuveau is a botulinum product that temporarily relaxes small muscle groups to cause wrinkles. This can help prevent wrinkles for the future and help smoothen out current ones.


IV Therapy

We offer a variety of IV vitamin therapies to help reduce the effects of hang overs, fatigue, improve performance and boost your immune system. 



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